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Medronho do Coração is an aromatic and mild distillate, produced with 100% biological Strawberry tree fruits.

The fruits are harvested on the hills of Santana da Serra, from October to January. Once selected they are stored in barrels to ferment. After the fermentation, when the sugar of the fruits turns into alcohol, the distillation begins. It is made in copper stills using ancestral methods, perfected by scientific techniques.

The distillation is divided in 3 phases and the secret is in knowing how to separate them: Head and Tail (unfit for consumption) and in the middle is the Heart, the good spirit.

After being separated, the Heart rests in stainless steel vats, to preserve the authentic aroma and flavor of the fruits, until it is bottled and commercialized.

We separate a good Heart, because everything we do, from the picking of the fruits to the distillation is from the Heart and Soul.

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